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We are the sole distributors of MOA premium craft Beers and Allan Scott Wines from New Zealand. We strive to bring in naturally crafted beers and wines from New Zealand into Singapore.


Moa Tiki, New Zealand Bar and Grill as we now call ourselves to differentiate the bar and grill from the brewery to avoid confusion to the name. The Moa Brewing Company is the brewer of Moa beers in New Zealand.


The story of how the MOA was made extinct by being over hunted by the indigenous Maori, over 1500 years ago, provides us with the basis of the brand story.


Key to New Zealand is the art and culture of the Maori. The many emblems of the heroic warriors are visually familiar globally. From the power of the New Zealand Rugby teams Haka, to the iconic cultural tattoo’s. The Maori culture is known across the world to be fierce hunters and warriors who have a deep connection with nature. The birth of man within the Maori culture is represented by the Tiki. A stylized image of a warrior performing the Haka war dance. By blending the story of the MOA (bird) and the TIKI (man/warrior) we derived the name linking the two, meaning Moa Hunter.

“Basically, it is beer made the way beer was always made until everyone started making it differently” 

 -   Josh Scott  Cicerone, New Zealand  -



“Good food, good atmosphere. Lots of choices for drinks, they have a lot of speciality beers that are very hard to find anywhere else. Highly recommended!”

-  Ruishen Teh,  SC Johnson - A Family Company  -


“Moa Tiki food and drinks were awesome and the venue is extremely spacious. The staff were very accommodating and prompt!”

-  Shaun Ong, Student  -

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